TEXTit Communications Mobile Text Marketing for Canada

TEXTit Communications Mobile Text Marketing for Canada
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mobile Website Special for Business

You are losing out. People are searching for your business right now on their mobile device. Your regular website will just not do. We have put together a great package for business. Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Salons, Limo services, realtors and so much more.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mobile Websites Special

Mobile Website Special

Give your customers an easy to use, quick loading, mobile site that will get you more business.
When friends go out and want to find a place to eat, shop, or chill, they go to their mobiles first. If you need that particular item while you're out and don't know where to find it, what will you do? That's right, you'll break out your phone. You'd be amazed what people search for on their mobiles. They are searching for you right now. You can't afford to not have a mobile web site. And at this price, you no longer have an excuse not to have one.
We'll assess your website, match up the design, and integrate the content. This is a great solution for:
  • Nightclubs, bars, & restaurants
  • Salons
  • Clinics, medical and, therapeutic services
  • Personal pages
  • Flash sites as they do not load on mobile devices
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Taxi & Limousine Services
  • Small businesses of any sort
  • Retailers
  • Hotel & Lodging
Plus many more.
This is a great way to attract new customers. We will even build it for you. That's right we'll add your about page, contact info, hours and more.
What you get...
  • A mobile site that matches your current site. We build it for you!
  • Up to 10 static pages (Option to purchase additional pages.).
  • Dynamic pages: A page you can update, contact form, and photo gallery.
  • Google Map with directions.
  • Click to Call: No wasting time trying to find your number. Customers can call you by clicking a link from your site.
  • Redirect users to your mobile site from your regular site.
  • Quick loading: We cache your content and optimize the images so they load faster.
  • Hosting and traffic included for the first year ($50 value!)
    You pay only $30 annually for hosting, maintenance, and domain renewal.
  • Support for your site on over 5000 devices.
  • SEmO: A Search Engine Mobile Optimized site.
  • Google Mobile Sitemaps: We create the mobile xml sitemap that's gets you discovered on Google.
  • Socialization: Share with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. They can also tell a friend.
  • Analytics: Track your customers. We integrate AdMob mobile analytics to your site so you can track your visitors.
  • Your own .mobi domain included! The .mobi domain tells the world you are mobile ready.
  • Monetization: If you wish, we can put Google Ads on your site.
  • In 4-7 business days turnaround time.
Don't let the small price fool you. Get a sophisticated mobile powered presence today

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mobile Pound Codes for Mobile Marketing and Direct Response

Consumers see or hear an advertising call-to-action, “just dial for example #250 on your mobile phone and say (keyword)”. The keyword can be the advertiser’s brand, product or promo name.

Consumers do not have to remember or write down random phone numbers or SMS short codes to reach the advertiser. They only have to remember the brand or product name. This results in higher response rates and more sales!

Anchor Mobile transforms traditional brand advertising like Outdoor and Print into interactive, trackable media -- allowing it to compete with Online.

With sustained use as a call-to-action, your advertising clients will see higher response rates for the same level of media weight -- i.e. if they receive 80 calls per radio spot today, they should see 100 calls for the exact same ad, due to the ease of dialing and saying the product or company name.  Same goes for generating foot traffic for bricks & mortar retailers -- delivering the store location & coupon to the consumer's handset will drive more of them into the store.

Unlike most advertising that is paid for whether or not it works, advertisers only pay for pound calls received. And given that response rates will increase, there is not a better advertising value.

POUND CODE also allows marketers to reach demographic groups that are less likely to text -- e.g. older consumers, disabled, or simply the 50% of the market that does not have a QWERTY keyboard!

For more on mobile text marketing

Mobile Business Cards

How many times have you been asked for your business card and said::mobile business cards

* I left them in my car
* I don't have any with me
* I need to get more made

When requested - Your card is sent immediately to your customer's mobile phone for
easy saving as a mobile SMS business card with CLICKABLE contact info including:

* Phone Numbers
* Email Address
* Web Link
* Directed to mobile website.

Find out more about mobile text marketing.

Location Based Text Messages - SMS Smart Bomb

Location Based Text Messages - SMS Smart Bomb
The guided missle of mobile marketing

Our revolutionary, Location-based SMS marketing platform offers CIA quality cell tower triangulation to deliver relevant messages to opted in subscribers based on their whereabouts

Drop a mobile coupon on consumers:

  •      SMS At the right moment
  •     SMS At the right place
  •     SMS While they are in the right frame of mind
  •     SMS On any phone (no GPS required)
  •     SMS Double Opt in REQUIRED


SMS Smart Bomb uses geo-fencing API technology to deliver relevant SMS to your fans

  • Geo-fencing allows you to create a defined, virtual space around a location or multiple locations.
  • When your customer is within the geo fence they receive an SMS specific to that geo-fence.
  • In addition to proximity data, Smart Bomb SMS uses time and day of week to ensure your messages are more relevant to a consumer's particular frame of mind.
  • Your customers simply double opt-in to subscribe to be located and you can manage messaging frequency, offers and links.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Track QR Codes

We spoke about them earlier, QR Codes or Quick Response Codes. What is so unique about QR Codes is you can place them virtually anywhere and now we offer tracking. See how many times your code has been scanned. and at which locations the scan occurred. This is a great way to track the effectiveness of your codes.

Place them on your websites, facebook, twitter, blogs, newspaper ads, magazines, business cards, billboards..the possibilities are endless.

Mobile marketing from TEXTit Communications is constantly bringing you new features which in turn just brings more value to you, our valued customers.

We invite you to visit us on twitter or our website. If you are on LinkedIn why not join us there to!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mobile Websites..Why bother?

Many businesses large and small have fantastic websites. Well that is great for the desktop user but what about those who are on the move. Mobile usage is skyrocketing and you are losing out on potential business. There are over 4.8 billion mobile users worldwide and only 1.3 billion Internet users. It's obvious that more and more people are accessing websites through their cell phones.

Remember, a mobile website does NOT replace your existing website. It is a website that looks and feels like your normal website but only has the essentials and is easy to navigate.Local searches for products and services from mobile devices is one of the most widely used features and if potential customers can't find you or access your current site it is likely they found one of your competitors instead.


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