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TEXTit Communications Mobile Text Marketing for Canada
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mobile Pound Codes for Mobile Marketing and Direct Response

Consumers see or hear an advertising call-to-action, “just dial for example #250 on your mobile phone and say (keyword)”. The keyword can be the advertiser’s brand, product or promo name.

Consumers do not have to remember or write down random phone numbers or SMS short codes to reach the advertiser. They only have to remember the brand or product name. This results in higher response rates and more sales!

Anchor Mobile transforms traditional brand advertising like Outdoor and Print into interactive, trackable media -- allowing it to compete with Online.

With sustained use as a call-to-action, your advertising clients will see higher response rates for the same level of media weight -- i.e. if they receive 80 calls per radio spot today, they should see 100 calls for the exact same ad, due to the ease of dialing and saying the product or company name.  Same goes for generating foot traffic for bricks & mortar retailers -- delivering the store location & coupon to the consumer's handset will drive more of them into the store.

Unlike most advertising that is paid for whether or not it works, advertisers only pay for pound calls received. And given that response rates will increase, there is not a better advertising value.

POUND CODE also allows marketers to reach demographic groups that are less likely to text -- e.g. older consumers, disabled, or simply the 50% of the market that does not have a QWERTY keyboard!

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